4 Of The Most Common Grammatical Errors We All Need To Stop Making

After several years of being in school and learning the English grammar, you will always be messed up by some common mistakes. It is a big challenge. Some phrases and other words that sound very okay in your mind will abruptly seem claptrap once you write them down. This will only be if you realize that you made a mistake in the first place. It is an easy and common occurrence that most of the grammar mistakes slip your intelligent mind if you are editing your work. Read through this article and you will realize some of the common errors that you make as you speak. Make a personal commitment that you will avoid these errors in future.


There versus their versus they’re

One of the words (they’re) represents a contractin of the words “they are.” Another one (their) is a representation of an item that is possessed by a set of people. The other one (there) is used in a sentence to indicate a place. Now, you have known the difference among the three words. make it your ambition to properly use the words. Place the right word at the right place every time you make a sentence in speech or in writing.

Use them words in such a sentence as this, “Going there will be fun – They’re surely going to love the hotel since their cooking is done in a professionally manner.”

You’re versus your

“You’re” is a word used to indicate the contraction of the words “you are,” while “your” is used to indicate possession. Ensure that use your computer to check the correct usage of the two before you can proceed to publishing your assignment or academic work. See correct usage below”

You dodged everyone and scored fast – you’re talented!

How is your business doing? Do you regret the decision to start it?


It’s versus its

These two words do not only confuse the beginners of the English language. The best of the writers out there are also confused by these two. The difference between the two is that “it’s” indicates a contractin of the words “it is” while “its” is used to indicate possession. This is a mistake that can be made by all and sundry regardless of the proficiency level of the English language. Always ensure that you check and recheck your work to be sure that you have done everything right. You do not want to be a victim of such a simple error in grammar.

Comparisons which are left hanging – incomplete

I do not like this mistake, yet most of my friends make it. Look at the statement below:

Our team is stronger, better, and faster.

Is there anything wrong with it?

Yes there is.

Stronger, better, and faster than which team? What is being compared with the team mentioned here? Is it another team or just a player? Whenever you seek to give a comparison of two or more things, ensure that you complete the sentence so that the meaning can be seen properly.

Hey there! Either you belong to an English speaking nation or you belong to a non-English speaking nation, it is very likely that you are going to commit mistakes while talking or while writing. Sometimes it also happens that when you

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