A Few Words

Hey there! Either you belong to an English speaking nation or you belong to a non-English speaking nation, it is very likely that you are going to commit mistakes while talking or while writing. Sometimes it also happens that when you are going through you old writings and stuff you wonder if it was you who wrote these. Also the fact that how come you committed these kind of mistakes but always the end result is that you are going to laugh at your stupidity! Our mistakes seem more funny to us than anything else at that time and we can’t do anything else than laughing at our own self. Not only in writing, these mistakes are commonly also referred as typos that are being trolled all over the internet. It can be a result of auto correct or even typing at a faster speed but they literally are a dose of laughter in true terms.

Entertainment is available for people in all kinds but the most interesting ones are those that are somehow mistakes converted to something funny. Basically, when we get entertainment in an unexpected way that is when we enjoy it the most and the same happens with the writing errors. In some cases, you might have caused blunders but there also are blunders initiated by others than can give a stomachache. In my case, I just saw a trolling post that showed the typos that went bad and literally I was not even to stop myself from laughing at the thought of situation that could have been caused. Anyways, after that I searched some more funny and stupid English mistakes that actually turned out to be great humor and I really liked it. So I decided that I could start something same that will serve as a good entertainment for the people out there.

Anyways, this is going to be your first site if you want some entertaining stuff to read or may be some mistakes that are actually worth laughter. Or more commonly it can be referred to as popular English fails; may be committed by some huge organization in their tweet or phrased wrongly in the magazine or even committed by individualsin their personal communication. All the stuff with the fuzz they can cause in an organized way will be made available for the readers to check out. It can also be the ones that might be sent to the wrong person in a wrong way. So, in other words, the common mistakes that have gone way popular, the funny ones, the stupid ones, the blunders including every possible way of committing a typing mistake or writing mistake will be mentioned in this site. Some best trolls of the week to the best ones among the year, from good to bad, and so on could be easily found here. So, if you really want a break from daily routine then these interesting little mistakes can do the job of entertaining you to the maximum so stay tune in for more and more entertaining stuff.