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What information and stuff you are going to post to entertain the readers?

This site will want to provide entertaining stuff to the readers. It is going to be your first site if you want some entertaining stuff to read or may be some mistakes that are actually worth laughter. Or more commonly it can be referred to as popular English fails; may be committed by some huge organization in their tweet or phrased wrongly in the magazine or even committed by individuals in their personal communication. All the stuff with the fuzz they can cause in an organized way will be made available for the readers to check out. It can also be the ones that might be sent to the wrong person in a wrong way. So, in other words, the common mistakes that have gone way popular, the funny ones, the stupid ones, the blunders including every possible way of committing a typing mistake or writing mistake will be mentioned in this site. Some best trolls of the week to the best ones among the year, from good to bad, and so on could be easily found here.

Why entertainment was a choice for you to write?

Entertainment is the source of fun that everyone is searching all day long or may be this is the sole purpose of their all day surfing; then why not create a platform that cannot only entertain but also direct to other areas of fully dedicated entertainment. And choosing the mistaken way is because when we get entertainment in an unexpected way that is when we enjoy it the most and the same happens with the writing errors. In some cases, you might have caused blunders but there also are blunders initiated by others than can give a stomachache. In my case, I just saw a trolling post that showed the typos that went bad and literally I was not even to stop myself from laughing at the thought of situation that could have been caused.

How you classify and find sties to mention here? And is there any special criterion for you that will let you add the site in the list?

If the sight really works for providing quality entertainment then that is acceptable in our lists. Finding the sites though is never a specific process and you just come across those; either on some listing or some social media network but analyzing for a good level of entertainment is the work that we do. High amount of vulgarity can generate humor for only a small span of time so they are less appreciated for our site but then again if we are directing our readers to college humor then we also are appreciating it on a small scale. So, less amounts of vulgarity and good quality of entertainment and loads of entertainment is what will earn site a place in our site.