How To Avoid Making Mistakes In English

English learners and speakers are prone to making many errors in grammar and underpin them since they are in pursuit of completing sentences too early which leads to some careless mistakes. If you are a learner of English or an ESL student, you will definitely avoid errors in grammar only if you will be able to follow some rules. Some of the rules are:

Make use of simple language

Some beginners are prone to using some language jargons in attempt to please a congregation or to leave them agape. This leads to some horrible errors. Do not do this. If you are a beginner, make sure that you use simple language as you speak or write. You are not competing with anyone. You should seek to pass across some information in simple words. Do not scratch your head as you seek some grammar jargons to surprise people. You might fail awfully in your attempt. Just be simple, precise, and to the point. Never be angered by the fact that you are speaking like a toddler or maybe your thoughts are taking too long to be expressed. The task that you have as a beginner is to learn the English language; it is not to impress anyone. Be at ease.



Exercise slowness and caution

As you begin, write in a slow manner. Do not be taken aback if you take 5 hours to compose a single email that requires only 10 complete sentences. As a matter of fact, you should take similar time since you are a beginner. The reason as to why it should take you that long is because you have to read and reread so as to be sure that you have zero errors. Ensure that you form a habit of correcting your errors. Make use of the online dictionaries, and find some examples that you can mimic so that you can be a guru in English language. When you rise to speak, please make sure that you make the sentence in your mind first before putting it across. In this way, you avoid many silly grammatical errors.

Do not say anything that you are not sure of

It is as simple as that. Keep quiet if you are uncertain of the statement that you are going to utter. This rule works in pronunciation and grammar. If you cannot construct a sentence correctly, it is safe to avoid it. It is always advisable to view the meaning of some words on the web. However, is practically impossible to do this once you are speaking. You do not have the comfort of time to do this.


Form the habit of looking things up when you are writing

It happens more often than not that we get words that are not familiar to us yet we intend to use them in our written work. In such cases, ensure that you look the meaning of a word on the web so as to be sure of its correct meaning and usage.

Hey there! Either you belong to an English speaking nation or you belong to a non-English speaking nation, it is very likely that you are going to commit mistakes while talking or while writing. Sometimes it also happens that when you

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