Correcting Common Errors In Sentence Structure

You have great ideas that only you can express them in a continuous prose that will make your readers understand what you say. Those ideas can be expressed in an open manner and they can only be done so by you alone. Choosing words correctly is one of the things that you must perfect so that your scripts will not be lacking in meaning. Arrange words in a logical and correct manner and this will always invite readers to go through your work in an interesting manner. You are the one to do this. You are the one to make your readers salivate over the quality of work that you bring up. Your readers should comprehend every one of the statements that you make. However, do not worry if a dispute arises over the kind of statements that you make. Even the best of writers always make mistakes, and this is the essence of proof reading your work.


Recognize and do away with comma splices

The word “splice” is used to in wires and films. It essentially refers to the habit of putting things together in a tied manner or joining them together. However, the usage of splices in films is for the purpose of doing some repairs. Once commas are used in sentences, they principally interrupt the logical flow of ideas as you write. This destroys the relationship that your ideas should have had.

Comma splices simply refer to the improper usage of commas, more so in joining or putting together ideas in a sentence. There are independent clauses in sentences that can stand alone. A comma splice separates two independent clauses that can stand alone when they are used to communicate some ideas in a sentence.

Once you find a comma splice in your work, ensure that you move with speed to correct it since you could be tempted to forget it. Do not get overexcited that you use a semicolon in place of a comma in a sentence that required you to use a comma. In some instances, you will find that there is need to insert a conjunction so that the statement may have some meaning.


Fragments in sentences – spotting and correcting them

When we talk of a sentence fragment, we mean a combination of words that masquerades as a full sentence. Sentence fragments are common when people are speaking. However, when you are writing, make sure you avoid the sentence fragments since your readers may be confused. This is mainly due to the fact that the sentences could be ambiguous hence confusing the lovers of your works. Beware of the sentence fragments. In order to correct sentence fragments in your work, always seek whether there is a verb or action worn in your sentence. Check also whether there is a subject. Ensure that your statements do not start with words like ‘since’ and ‘because.’ Such words insinuate that there is an idea that you wanted to communicate or a thought that you wanted to pass across after that.

Hey there! Either you belong to an English speaking nation or you belong to a non-English speaking nation, it is very likely that you are going to commit mistakes while talking or while writing. Sometimes it also happens that when you

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