Funny Grammar Mistakes

Everyone does it; producing grammatical errors as they speak and write. Some errors however are funnier than others and they leave an indelible mark in the memories of the ones who are listening to them. You won’t believe that some of these errors are actually made by native speakers of English.

Ridiculous English Grammar

Someone posts that he is in pursuit of two robust, neat men for sausages! What on earth is this?

Another one pops up a post that says that two ladies 35 feet in length and 25 feet in width are looking for a room. Unbelievable!


Look at this –

A butcher puts up an advert that says, “Make an effort to taste our sausages. No one like them.” Alas!

A tailor seeks to promote his work and therefore notifies his customers, “Once I mend your clothes, do not worry of any small hole that appears. I will freely make another one.” Now, that is a tailor for you. How does this tailor expect to have customers who will always come to have their trousers repaired and another hole made after the original repairs are undone?

Elsewhere a barber says that he will cut your hair as you wait! How else can your hair be cut? It can only be done as you wait. No other way.

A young man finds a wallet on the streets. He puts up a notice and says that he has a lost wallet that belongs to a lady made from calf hide.

A road contractor was expected to install a road sign that indicated that this particular road was used by school children. He made a sign that read, “Children crossing slowly.” I leave this one at that.

Other notices might leave you literally agape once you read them. A manufacturer of washing machines made a warning sign to the users. He sought to tell them that clothes should be removed from the machine once lights go out. However, here is what he wrote on the warning sign, “Please erase every one of your clothes as soon as the lights are extinguished.” That statement makes no sense especially to the people who are not native English speakers. Keep in mind that the manufacturer of this washing machine is a native English speaker. What do we expect of the people who are not native speakers of English? Worse mistakes will come up even though others have made effort to learn the grammar, and they rarely make such silly mistakes.


You visit a wildlife park with your family and friends as part of a bonding session. Once you get to the gate, you meet a sign that reads, “Lions please hold on in your particular vehicles.” What do you do? That statement has some sense but the delivery of the message leaves several gaps.

Moreover, other people think that since the plural of box is boxes, the plural of ox is oxes. It is not. The plural of ox is oxen. Others say that the plural of a pan is pen since the plural of man is men. Not like that.

Hey there! Either you belong to an English speaking nation or you belong to a non-English speaking nation, it is very likely that you are going to commit mistakes while talking or while writing. Sometimes it also happens that when you

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